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The intervention before biofilm formation

PhD defence, 24 July 2020, Heba Khateb Abdelkhalek Khateb.

2020.07.24 | Mie Meulengracht Christensen

Heba Khateb Abdelkhalek Khateb

Super resolution image for FnBPs on S.aureus cell membrane

Super resolution image for FnBPs on S.aureus cell membrane

During her PhD studies, Heba Khateb researched Staphylococcus aureus virulence factors for understanding and controlling S. aureus interactions of relevance to humans. Staphylococcus aureus is a widespread and highly virulent pathogen as it is considered the major cause of implants centred-infection.

Heba has explored the role of host extracellular matrix proteins fibronectin at surfaces on the adhesion of S.areus to interfaces as a model for primary adhesion at tissue interfaces or protein covered biomaterials. The finding of this research has revealed that S.aureus cells were only able to adhere only to fibronectin patches above 200 nm diameter size. This finding was supported by localization of Fibronectin binding receptors on S.aureus cell membrane via the outstanding DNA-PAINT approach. The finding of this research could be contributed to the future fabrication of biomedical implants with limiting properties to S.aureus adhesion.

In addition, Heba demonstrated the multivalency in quorum sensing communication in S.aureus utilizing DNA-nanoscaffold approach. The finding of this research helps in understanding the binding avidity of AgrC receptor and the QS signalling peptide, besides localizing this binding via DNA-PAINT approach as an indication of QS receptor distribution on the cell membrane. The new research findings contribute to pinpoint sites where treatment intervention could be made to control S. aureus biofilm formation.

The PhD study was completed at Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University.

This summary was prepared by the PhD student.

Time: Friday, 24 July 2020 at 13.15.
Place: Building 1593, room 012, Lecture Theatre iNANO Auditorium, iNANO, Aarhus University, Gustav Wieds Vej 14, 8000 Aarhus C.
The PhD defence will be held online. To receive a link to the event, please send an e-mail to Morten Foss, foss@inano.au.dk
Title of PhD thesis: Understanding Staphylococcus aureus virulence factors at the nanoscale; detection, adhesion and quorum sensing.
Contact information: Heba Khateb, e-mail: Hebakhateb@inano.au.dk, tel.: +45 50217738
Members of the assessment committee:
Associate professor Livia Visi, Department of Molecular Medicine, University of Pavia, Italy.
Associate professor Thomas Andersen, Department of  Clinical Research, University of south of Denmark.
Professor Morten Foss (chairman), iNANO, Aarhus University, Denmark
Main supervisor:
Professor Duncan Sutherland, iNANO, Aarhus University, Denmark

Language: The PhD dissertation will be defended in English

The defence is public.

Due to the coronavirus situation, Aarhus University is physically closed. Therefore, the PhD thesis will not be available for reading at the offices of the PhD administration. Instead, interested parties may send an e-mail to gradschool.nat@au.dk, and receive a digital copy of the PhD thesis. Please note, it may in certain cases be necessary to make an individual arrangement to read the PhD thesis.

PhD defence
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