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University Elections 2019 – Time to get involved!

If you are interested in standing for election – and gain influence on your work and study conditions as a PhD student – you can register your candidacy from 17-28 October. The university elections are your chance to influence decisions regarding your PhD programme and your workplace through the university’s democratic decision-making bodies.

2019.10.14 | Maia Høyer Monod

University elections 2019 - stand for election 17-28 October

NOTE: The period for nomination of candidates for election has been extended until 28 October at 16:00.   

This year, elections to the PhD committees, the Aarhus University Board, the Academic Councils and the study boards take place from 11-14 November. This is a great opportunity for you to get an in-depth involvement in the PhD community at Aarhus University and hands-on experience with university politics.

VIDEO: Hear PhD student Peter Weber Jensen from Department of Agroecology talk about why good representation in the PhD committee is so important.

If you wish to stand for election, please note:

Nomination of candidates can be made from Thursday, 17 October at 9:00 to Monday, 28 October at 16:00.

The election fields for the PhD committee are divided between the departments as follows:

  • Agroecology and Environmental Science (1 mandate)
  • Bioscience (1 mandate)
  • Computer Science, Geoscience, and Engineering (1 mandate)
  • Chemistry, Mathematics, iNANO, and Physics and Astronomy (1 mandate)
  • Food Science, and Animal Science (1 mandate)
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics (1 mandate)

All enrolled PhD students (both employed and non-employed) can vote for the:

  • Aarhus University board
  • Academic council
  • PhD committee

3+5 and 4+4 PhD students on their part A can furthermore vote for the study boards.

To read more about the elections, time schedule, rules, etc., click here to see the election webpage for PhD students.

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