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University elections 2021 – we want you!

2021.10.15 | Nanna Maria Elgaard Pedersen

The university elections are your chance to influence decisions regarding your PhD programme and your workplace through the university’s democratic decision-making bodies, including the PhD committee.

Be inspired by the chair of AUPA (Aarhus University PhD Association) Kristoffer Holst Ibsen when he underlines the importance of making your voice heard by becoming a member of the PhD committee.

Get involved, and stand for election. You can register your candidacy from Thursday, 14 October at 9.00 to Tuesday, 26 October at 12.00.
Please submit your candidacy registration in the election system as early as possible in the period so the election secretariat will have time to ensure that all necessary information is included before the deadline expires.

You can also make a difference by voting for the candidate whom you think is best qualified to make a difference for your degree or PhD programme. You can stand for and vote to the following bodies:

- If you are enrolled and employed at the university: The PhD committee and the Academic Council.
- If you are enrolled based on a Master’s degree, but not employed at the university: The PhD committee, the Academic Council and the University Board.
- If you are enrolled in a combined Master’s/PhD programme on part A: The PhD committee, the Academic Council, the University board and the Board of Studies.

The election period runs from Monday, 8 November at 9.00 to Thursday, 11 November at 16.00. Get all the information about nomination, election, time schedule, rules, etc. here.

The areas of representation for the PhD committee are:
- Nanoscience, Dep. of Chemistry, Dep. of Physics and Astronomy (1 mandate and 1 substitute)
- Dep. of Biology, Dep. of Molecular Biology and Genetics (1 mandate and 1 substitute)
- Dep. of Computer Science, Dep. of Geoscience, Dep. of Mathematics (1 mandate and 1 substitute)

As the substitutes often participate in the meetings (albeit without voting rights), we encourage you to talk to PhD students from other programmes within your area of representation and e.g. create a candidate list so as many PhD students and programmes as possible can be represented in the PhD committee.

Wishing you a good nomination and election,

PhD student and Vice-Chair of the PhD committee Louise Marie Dalskov Kjerulff
Chair of the PhD Committee Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer
Vice-Dean and Head of School David Lundbek Egholm

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