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GSNS Action plan

The GSNS PhD committee has drawn up an action plan to follow up on the international evaluation of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GSNS) and the PhD student survey study (Quality in the PhD Process) in 2021. With the action plan, the PhD committee aims to provide a solid framework for further developing the Graduate School and to address specific challenges.

In January 2022, the action plan was subject to a consultation period inviting all PhD students and supervisors at GSNS as well as Graduate School and Faculty committees to get involved and comment on the action plan or suggest new initiatives.

The final version of the GSNS action plan was approved in early spring 2022 and will be implemented during the period 2022-23 as outlined both in the action plan itself and the process plan provided below. Click the box to the right to read the action plan, and see the boxes below to review the report of the international panel and see the results of the Quality in the PhD process survey.

In case of questions, you are very welcome to contact one of the following:

Head of Graduate School David Lundbek Egholm

Chair of the PhD committee Ernst-Martin Füchtbauer

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