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Human-Computer Interaction in Extended Reality (XR)

Applications are invited for a PhD fellowship/scholarship at Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark, within the Computer Science programme. The position is available from August 2024 or later.

Human-Computer Interaction in Extended Reality (XR)

Research area and project description:
The Computer Science programme at the Graduate School of Natural Sciences, Aarhus University, Denmark and the Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence invite applications for  fully-funded PhD fellowships/scholarships.

Virtual (VR), Augmented (AR) and Extended Reality (XR) is increasing in popularity as a paradigm for immersive experiences.

This project will conduct foundational Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) research to advance the state-of-the-art of XR interfaces. This involves, but is not restricted to, the design, implementation, and evaluation of novel interaction concepts and systems, to better understand and shape the future of XR collaboration. The project can include, but is not limited to:

Adaptive XR: XR technology provides a wealth of contextual information that can be used to predict user action, and adapt the UI to the users.

Multimodal interaction: Multimodal XR with e.g. hand, face, and eye tracking offer rich opportunities close to real-world activities, but also provide novel ways to design 3D interfaces that harness the advantages of XR tracking technology.

Mixed physical-real interaction: Interactions can be set in different physical locations/rooms/places, IoT environments, be co-located or remote, stationary or mobile on-the-go, which raises the question how to design interaction that work across contexts.

You will (also) be part of the PhD cohort at the Pioneer Centre for AI (aicentre.dk), an internationally-facing Danish research collaboration.

The PhD positions are available with Dr. Ken Pfeuffer and Prof. Hans Gellersen. More information can be found on www.kenpfeuffer.com and gemini-erc.eu. If you consider applying, we encourage you to contact us informally, for discussion of your interest.

Please upload a project description (½-4 pages). This document should describe your ideas and research plans for this specific project. If you wish to, you can indicate an URL where further information can be found.

Qualifications and specific competences:
You must have a relevant master’s degree in computer science, HCI or related field, where you showed excellent results. We expect you to have a genuine interest, and ideally experience, in creative work and user-centred design, and you should have relevant technical and software engineering skills. Any experience with VR/AR, HCI, or AI techniques applicable to HCI is a plus.

Place of employment and place of work:
The place of employment is Aarhus University, and the place of work is Department of Computer Science, Åbogade 34 8200 Aarhus N, Denmark. 

Applicants seeking further information for this project are invited to contact: Professor Hans Gellersen, hwg@cs.au.dk or Assistant Professor Ken Pfeuffer, ken@cs.au.dk

How to apply:

For information about application requirements and mandatory attachments, please see the Application guide. Please read the Application guide thoroughly before applying.

When ready to apply, go to https://phd.nat.au.dk/for-applicants/apply-here/ (Note, the online application system opens 1 March 2024)

  1. Choose May 2024 Call with deadline 1 May 2024 at 23:59 CET.
  2. You will be directed to the call and must choose the programme “Computer Science”.
  3. In the boxed named “Study”: In the dropdown menu, please choose: “Human-Computer Interaction in Extended Reality (XR)”

Please note:

  • The programme committee may request further information or invite the applicant to attend an interview.

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