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To access your PhD plan, please click the brown button below. You will then be asked to login using WAYF.

The technical user guides and the subpage "Content of the PhD plan" available on this page will assist you in filling in the PhD plan correctly.

Please note:

  • all elements in the PhD Planner system must be updated in English, and 
  • the status of the elements must correspond to the present situation i.e. planned, in progress, completed or rejected.

PhD Planner will be closed from 22-24 August 2022

Please note that PhD Planner will be closed from 22-24 August 2022 due to an update and change of name to MyPhD.

Having trouble logging in?

If you have any problems, please write an e-mail to gsns@psys.au.dk with a description of the problem.

Please note that this login is for PhD students at Natural Sciences.
PhD students at Technical Sciences, Arts, Business & Social Science and Health are referred to login via the website of their graduate school.

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