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GSNS Action plan

Consultation process

The GSNS PhD committee presents an action plan to follow up on the international evaluation of the Graduate School of Natural Sciences (GSNS) and the PhD student survey study (Quality in the PhD Process) in 2021. With the action plan, the PhD committee aims to provide a solid framework for further developing the Graduate School and to address specific challenges. The action plan is subject to a consultation period ending 24 January 2022.

GSNS invites all our PhD students and supervisors to get involved and comment on the action plan or suggest new initiatives. You can find the action plan on this page, together with the international panel’s review report, the results of the Quality in the PhD Process survey and a timeline outlining the consultation and implementation process.

Feel free to submit your comments or ideas to any of the contacts listed below, among them also the Heads of programme who will be responsible for the consultation process at departmental level.

Please get involved and share your ideas!

Contact details:

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