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Income info for PhD students on flexible PhD programmes with their qualifying exam coming up

Are you a PhD student on a flexible PhD programme, i.e. haven’t completed your MSc degree yet, and are you having your qualifying exam no later than 31 July? Then please note that your PhD SU scholarship will be paid out double in the start of June covering both June and July.

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Provided that the outcome of the qualifying exam is positive, you will be employed as a PhD fellow on the basis of your MSc degree from 1 August. The salary for academic staff including PhD fellows is paid out in arrears. This means that your income will be:

    Start June: double PhD SU scholarships covering both June and July
    July: no income paid out, since it was paid out in June
    End August: Salary as PhD fellow for August

This is due to the fact that most PhD students with a qualifying exam date no later than 31 July is having the exam in June due to the summer holidays in July. Since the PhD SU scholarship can only be paid out to PhD students, who haven’t yet passed their qualifying exam/obtained their MSc degree, the PhD SU scholarship is paid out double in June.

You can read more about the PhD study structure and income under the section "For applicants" here on the website.

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