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No to abusive behaviour

Help and support in connection with abusive and inappropriate behaviour

It is a key priority to Aarhus University to ensure a healthy and safe work and study environment. 
This means that each and every one at the university must treat each other with decency and respect, and that AU as an educational institution and employer does not tolerate harassment, bullying, violence or discrimination in any form. We all share a responsibility for standing together and contributing to a positive, creative and well-functioning environment.

If you experience inappropriate or abusive behaviour, GSNS strongly encourages you to seek help and support. You should contact the person that feels right for you and who you feel most comfortable talking to. The person that you choose can talk it over with you, and help you decide what to do and if further actions should be taken.

No matter who you turn to for help at AU, you can speak in confidence. However, note that confidentiality can limit our ability to take matters further, and that we are obligated to take action in particularly serious cases.

You are always welcome to bring a friend to the meeting or someone else that will help you feel safe – it might also help you afterwards since you will have someone to share your experiences with and talk to.

You have several options for making contact:

16840 / i43