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Open calls

GSNS calls for applications four times a year. You can apply for a PhD position via:

The general call

Here you can apply for a PhD position with your own project description. An application for the general call must include a project description (½-4 pages), where you describe your ideas and research plans for your project. You can indicate a URL to further information, if you like.

Before starting the application process, it is strongly recommended that you contact a prospective supervisor in order to discuss a potential project. This may contribute to writing a better and more targeted application. Furthermore, it is a good idea to inquire about possible financing, since the likelihood of securing admission through the general call depends on the available resources of the supervisor and the PhD programme for which you apply.

You can find AU researchers/potential supervisors by searching on subject headings here. Furthermore, you can find more info on the various PhD programmes at GSNS on each of the programme websites.

It is not a requirement that the applicant has been in contact with a prospective supervisor before the application process begins.

Before you apply, please read the application guide thoroughly.
All applications must be submitted via the application portal.

Specific calls

Here you apply for one of the positions on the list of specific calls below. Please note that the list is regularly updated. The list will be complete approximately two weeks before application deadline. If you can’t find a project within your field of research on the list, please have a look later or apply via the general call.

Before you apply, please read the application guide thoroughly.
Please follow the application instructions in the specific call announcement.

Specific calls

You can use the filter function to narrow down your search field or search for something specific.

Project title Programme Keywords Candidate background Application deadline
Fabrication of Physical User Interfaces Computer Science Human-Computer-Interaction, Fabrication, Sensors, Textiles

A Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Computer Science, Electrical/Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, or a related area.

2023/02/01 23:59 CET
PhD opportunities at the Center for Chemistry of Clouds Chemistry Aerosols, atmospheric physical chemistry, experimental, computational and theoretical chemistry, spectroscopy, analytical chemistry A Master’s degree or at least one full year of a Master’s degree in Chemistry, Physics, Nanoscience, Engineering or related fields. 2023/02/01 23:59 CET
Past changes in ocean circulation and climate off Greenland   Geoscience

Arctic, Greenland, Paleoceanography, Paleoclimate, Ocean-Ice interactions, Marine sediment cores, Multiproxy, Micropaleontology, Arctic

A Master’s degree or 4-years studies in Geoscience. 2023/02/01 23:59 CET
21084 / i43