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Onboarding the PhD programme

When you start as a PhD student at the GSNS, there are important things to sort out. These include:

  • Joining the onboarding programme
  • Creating a PhD plan in MyPhD (the initial version must be approved within three months of enrolment),
  • Aligning expectations with your supervisor, and
  • Sorting out the practicalities for your daily life as a PhD student.

This page has links to information about these subjects.

Below is also information about the GSNS introduction day, PhD courses and validation of Master's programmes for students who are studying for their Master's in parallel with a PhD programme.

Validation of Master's programme

PhD students who study for their Master's in parallel with a PhD programme must fill in a plan for their Master’s courses.  This will enable the head of Master’s programme and the study administration to validate the content of the Master’s programme and issue a valid Master’s degree diploma. The plan for the Master’s courses must be filled in immediately after admission to the GSNS and attached to the PhD plan.

You must fill in the Master's contract (in Danish: “Kandidatkontrakt”) electronically through the Contract generator(in Danish: “Kontraktgenerator”). You must either create a new contract or edit your previous one. Use the Master’s contract template and then tick off the box ‘PhD student’. The template will then display a qualifying exam instead of a Master’s thesis. When you click on Send, the contract will be sent to the relevant head of Master’s programme for approval. When the approved contract is returned to you from the head of Master’s programme, you must export a PDF version and attach it to your PhD plan under the plan element ’Other activities’ and name it ’Master’s programme’.

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