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PhD programme in BIOLOGY

The Department of Biology is one of the largest departments at the Faculty of Natural Sciences housing 207 staff members and more than 450 students enrolled including about 60 PhD students.

The department conducts both basic research in a range of biological disciplines and research-based public sector consultancy in the areas of environmental management of marine and terrestrial ecosystems. Currently the research activities at the department are organized in 5 sections in which Department of Biology offers PhD studies.

The sections are defined in terms of academic and geographical considerations. The sections consist of a Head of section, a number of permanent staff members and a number of PhD students, postdocs and graduate students. The Department is located at Aarhus University City Campus.

Details about the research activities at each section at this website: https://bio.au.dk/en/research/

Research facilities available

Geographic location

  • The staff at the Department is situated at Aarhus University, Denmark

Approx. number of PhD students:

  • 60

Head of Programme

Local Programme Secretary

Sara Marie Kryger

Studies Coordinator

GSNS PhD Partner

If you have a talent for research, it is possible to continue your studies and achieve a PhD degree. The Department of Biology offers an active and inspiring environment for young researchers and has approx. 60 PhD students; about half of them are from abroad.

Most of the Department's scientists have large international networks and therefore good opportunities for working together with foreign scientists and establish contacts which can form the basis for postdoc studies abroad.

Here you can read about the research groups at the Department of Biology, and what topics they are working with: https://bio.au.dk/en/research/research-areas/

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