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2021.01.18 | Talent development, PhD students

AUPA PhD Supervision Conference

Aarhus University PhD Association (AUPA) invites all PhD students to an online conference on supervision on 29 January 2021.

2021.01.06 | Talent development, PhD students

AU launches major quality analysis of its PhD programmes

As a PhD student, you can now help assess the quality of your PhD programme by completing the questionnaire you have received in your e-Boks. The survey is conducted every four years, and the responses are included in the work AU does to ensure the quality of its PhD programmes.

Vestas, Windmill

2020.11.26 | PhD students, Talent development

Women in Green Energy & Innovation

Are you a woman and curious about the Sustainable Energy industry? AU Career PhD & JR, in partnership with Vestas, invites PhD students and junior researchers from Aarhus University to join the event “Women in Green Energy & Innovation” (2 December 2020)

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Niels Kristian Kjærgård Madsen

2021.02.05 | PhD defence

The curse of dimensionality - towards a quantum-mechanical description of large molecules

PhD defence Friday February, 2, 2021. Niels Kristian Kjærgård Madsen

Liviu-Ionut Moldovan

2021.02.05 | PhD defence

CircRNAs: Big new deal in inflamed skin?

PhD defence, Friday 5 February 2021, Liviu I. Moldovan.

Kamanasish Debnath

2021.02.02 | PhD defence

When #inhomogeneity is trending!!

PhD defence, Thursday 2 February 2021. Kamanasish Debnath.

Benjamin Barslev Nielsen

2021.01.29 | PhD defence

Analysis of computer programs – Towards error-free computer programs

PhD defence, Friday 29 January 2021, Benjamin Barslev Nielsen

Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen
Illustration of polaron-polaritons. The impurity (transparent sphere) interacts with the environment (blue) and with light (red). The interplay of these interactions leads to the formation of new quasiparticles, called polaron-polaritons. Kristian demonstrates that these quasiparticles can propagate much faster than the speed limit set by the environment

2021.01.21 | PhD defence

Dynamics of impurities in a quantum gas

PhD defense, Thursday, 21 January 2021, Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen.

Kristian Birk Buhl

2021.01.21 | PhD defence

Polymer brushes and adhesion technology – nanometer-thin coatings for compatibilization of dissimilar materials

PhD defence, Thursday 21 January 2021, Kristian Birk Buhl

Nina Kølln Wittig

2021.01.20 | PhD defence

Inspired by Nature: The secrets of bone structure and brilliantly colored animal skin

PhD defence, Wednesday 20 January 2021, Nina Kølln Wittig.

Jeppe Seamus Bayley

2020.11.13 | PhD defence

Why do insects die at low temperatures? – Understanding the physiological dysfunctions of cold stress

PhD defence, 13 November 2020. Jeppe Seamus Bayley.

Kun Guo

2020.11.12 | PhD defence

Stream biofilm under altered flow regime

PhD defence, Thursday 12 November 2020. Kun Guo.

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