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2020.09.15 | Talent development, PhD students

Academic Guest House

Are you contemplating studying in New York City for one or two semesters? If so, we may be in a position to accommodate you, together with Danish students, in a home away from home in this American metropolis.

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2020.09.11 | Talent development

International test people needed

IAS needs internationals to test their website for international academic staff.

2020.09.09 | News type

Seminar: Market Access and Basics of Regulatory Affairs for Drug Discovery and MedTech Start-ups

At this seminar hosted by AU TTO Business Development team and Open Entrepreneurship team from The Kitchen, all startups, PhD's and researchers in medical technology and drug discovery can meet experts on regulatory approval and get familiar with the area. Moreover, you have the opportunity to discuss the steps you need to take in your own…

PhD and postdoc homes in Helsingforsgade

2020.07.17 | PhD students

Get in front of the queue for a brand new and modern home in Helsingforsgade

As a PhD student and postdoc, you have an advantage in front of everyone else for a brand new and modern home – centrally at Katrinebjerg. Close to the university, shopping (Storcenter Nord), fitness, transport, park, city centre, etc. . These are 129 energy-efficient homes. 51 of these are earmarked for PhD student and postdocs. They frame a…

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Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen
Illustration of polaron-polaritons. The impurity (transparent sphere) interacts with the environment (blue) and with light (red). The interplay of these interactions leads to the formation of new quasiparticles, called polaron-polaritons. Kristian demonstrates that these quasiparticles can propagate much faster than the speed limit set by the environment

2021.01.21 | PhD defence

Dynamics of impurities in a quantum gas

PhD defense, Thursday, 21 January 2021, Kristian Knakkergaard Nielsen.

Kristian Birk Buhl

2021.01.21 | PhD defence

Polymer brushes and adhesion technology – nanometer-thin coatings for compatibilization of dissimilar materials

PhD defence, Thursday 21 January 2021, Kristian Birk Buhl

Nina Kølln Wittig

2021.01.20 | PhD defence

Inspired by Nature: The secrets of bone structure and brilliantly colored animal skin

PhD defence, Wednesday 20 January 2021, Nina Kølln Wittig.

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Tue 26 Jan
10:00-12:00 | Will be held online
Qualifying exam: Using the palms of Madagascar to understand what drives diversification in Madagascan forest
PhD student Lars Emil Svejgaard Feldager Hansen, Department of Biology
Wed 27 Jan
09:00-11:00 | Will be held online
Qualifying exam: Analyzing food ingredients by a novel APTA-SHAPE technology
PhD student Asger Givskov Jørgensen, iNANO
Wed 27 Jan
09:00-11:00 | Will be held online
Qualifying Exam: Mechanized Reasoning about Capability Machines
PhD student Aïna Linn Georges, Department of Computer Science
Wed 27 Jan
13:15-15:00 | Will be held online
Qulaifying exam: Investigation of structural features leading to cold activity in carbohydrate degrading enzymes
PhD student Christian Dybdahl Andersen, iNANO

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