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Journal club with focus on maintenance of genome stability (2019-2023)

ECTS credits:
1 ECTS per semester

Course parameter:
Language: English
Level of course: PhD Course
Time of year: All year
No. of contact hours: 1 hour every second week
Capacity limit: 10 participants

Objectives of the course:
The course aims to improve the student’s skills in finding and discussing novel research within the field of genomic stability. The student will through the course gain general knowledge of genome maintenance and repair – and the relevance hereof. Both new and common methods used within the field will be discussed.

Learning outcomes and competences:
At the end of the course, the participant should be able to:

  • Identify, present, and discuss scientific papers.
  • Obtain a general understanding of the theoretical approaches, experimental techniques and evidence within the field.
  • Understand the relevance and challenges within the field of genomic stability and related diseases.
  • Constructively criticize scientific papers.

Compulsory programme:
Students must read all relevant papers, actively participate in discussion hereof, and serve as presenter on a regular basis.

Course contents:
Journal club will take place every second week, where participants in advance have read a scientific paper to enter an academic discussion hereof. Participants take turn to choose the paper and be the chairperson for the discussion. It is estimated that 2-3 hours preparation time is needed for 1-hour journal club.


  • General knowledge of molecular biology and relevant techniques.
  • Interest in research of genomic instability and related diseases.

Name of lecturers:
Course responsible: Anni H. Andersen and Lotte Bjergbæk

Type of course/teaching methods:
Journal Club including student presentations and group discussions

Original literature in the form of recently published articles and, if relevant, reviews

Course homepage:

Course assessment:
Satisfactory presentations and active participation at journal club meetings

Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University

Special comments on this course:

Mondays at 10:00 – 11:00 in uneven weeks

Building 1131, room 623
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Aarhus University
C.F. Møllers Allé 3
8000 Aarhus C

Deadline for registration is 31 January and 31 August for Spring and Autumn semester, respectively. Information regarding admission will be sent out no later than 2 days after.

For registration: Please send an e-mail to lbj@mbg.au.dk or aha@mbg.au.dk.

If you have any questions, please contact Lotte Bjergbæk or Anni H. Andersen, e-mail: lbj@mbg.au.dk or aha@mbg.au.dk.

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