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Teaching assignments

In connection with your employment as a PhD Student you will usually have entered an agreement with Faculty of Natural Sciences to perform a certain amount of teaching tasks - usually 140 hours of teaching assignments including preparation and correction of reports.

The PhD administrator at the iNANOschool handles the practical administration of these.

PhD Students at iNANOschool typically act as problem class and lab exercise instructors on courses at the Bachelor or Master programmes in nanoscience and other courses at the Departments of Physics and Astronomy, Chemistry, Molecular Biology and Genetics or Ecoscience. Furthermore, there are different other communication tasks that do not directly involve course activity.

It is always a good idea to keep tract of the status of your teaching assignments to make sure that it is possible for you to teach the number of hours that you signed up for in your contract. To see the status of your teaching assignments you can login and view the assignments that you have been registered for.

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