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The iNANO PhD Board – working to make your PhD and PhD life better

At the iNANO Autumn School 2020, it was decided to form a PhD board which currently consist of 4 PhD students from the Nanoscience PhD programme. The aim of the board is to give the Nanoscience PhD students a single point of entry for all inquires. The PhD board will then either look into the matter themselves or make sure that the inquires are discussed in the right committees or forums at iNANO, GSNS, Faculty of Natural Sciences or AU.

Please do not hesitate to contact either of the board members.

The PhD students in the iNANO PhD board are:

The iNANO PhD Programme Committee

The iNANO program committee handles admissions, exams and continuously works to improve the PhD program at iNANO. The more than 100 PhD students at iNANO are represented in this committee by two of the four board members. In the year 2021/2022 the PhD representatives are Sara Majidi and Mathias Mørch.


iNANO Committees

The Cooperation Committee

In general terms, the role of the coorperation committee is to promote cooperation between management and employees in putting into effect the strategies and goals of AU. In this respect, the objectives of the committee are to:

  • Involve employees in work relating to AU's goals, strategy and finances
  • Establish personnel policy frameworks that will promote competency development and will create motivation to fulfil AU's goals
  • Contribute to creating the best possible working conditions and a good environment across the whole of AU
  • Contribute to increasing cooperation across the whole of AU, so that individual employees can, through their influence on their own working situations, help to improve the workplace as a whole
  • Provide a channel for the mutual exchange of information in order to promote optimal cooperation

There is a PhD representative in the coorporation commitee, so if you have anything you would like the committee to discuss, please feel free to contact the representative.

Working Enviroment Committe

Social Committee

Other committees

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