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New Head of the Graduate School, Ole Bækgaard

From the GSNS newsletter for PhD students (March 2024)

Dear GSNS PhD students,

My name is Ole Bækgaard, and I am the new Head of the Graduate School. From what I have experienced so far, it is my clear impression that the Graduate School is gifted with highly competent PhD students, who with high-quality projects make highly important contributions to the research of the Faculty. I look forward to participate in the ongoing development of our programmes.

In this issue of the GSNS newsletter, you will, among other things, get information about the PhD committee here at the Faculty, including a presentation of the eight members of the Committee that are elected by and among you, our PhD students.

I would like to express my gratitude to the eight PhD students for their willingness to participate in the Committee. As “users” of their PhD programme, and with their in-depth knowledge and experience with the programmes and the research environments at the Faculty, their voices are very important for the work in the PhD committee, and thereby also for the Graduate School at large.

By statute, the PhD committee deals with important issues like the composition of assessment committees, approval of PhD courses, internal guidelines for the Graduate School and approval of credits and exemptions. However, the Committee can address any issues of relevance for the PhD studies.

In their presentations below, each of the eight members reach out to you, and I strongly encourage you to contact them if you have questions, issues or feedback that may be relevant to the work in the PhD committee.

Looking forward to getting more acquainted with you and your PhD studies.

With best regards,

Ole Bækgaard Nielsen,
Head of Graduate School and Vice-Dean of Career and Innovation,
tel.: 6020 2674, e-mail: obn@au.dk

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