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About the Graduate School courses

Course admission

Allocation of seats

Course seats at the Graduate School’s transferable skills PhD courses are allocated on a first come-first served principle.

If you register for a course with no more seats available, you will be placed on a waiting list. You will be notified directly if a seat becomes available (no later than two weeks before the course starts).

Note that seats are allocated by the Graduate School administration, therefore, you cannot transfer your course seat to others. Likewise, you cannot attend the Graduate School’s courses without being assigned to a course seat by the Graduate School administration.

Number of courses/ECTS

In principle, there are no restrictions as to how many courses/ECTS you can sign up for per semester through the PhD Course Management system (CoMa) when it comes to the courses provided by the Graduate School of Natural Sciences and the Graduate School of Technical Sciences if you are enrolled in one of the two schools. You should however remember to discuss with your supervisor what makes sense for your project and your PhD study both in terms of which courses you sign up for and when you take them.

Note also that the course requirements are 30 ECTS PhD courses or similar study elements during your PhD study. See the GSNS Rules and Regulations, chapters 6.1.4 and for more information.

Courses at other AU Graduate Schools

Be aware that since the Course Management system provides information on courses for several Graduate Schools at Aarhus University, some of them may have specific restrictions – e.g. you can only sign up for 10 ECTS PhD courses per semester at the Graduate School of Health.

Course fee

Course fee

You will be able to participate free of charge in all AU transferable skills courses provided in the Course Management system if you are enrolled in one of the University’s Graduate Schools. Participants from other universities than Aarhus University will have to pay DKK 1,200 per ECTS. In principle, the latter also applies to external parties, but exemption can be granted under specific circumstances.

Note that some courses may be intended for PhD students at one or two specific Graduate Schools only. Thus, the course ‘Introduction Day, Graduate School of Natural Sciences’ is intended for PhD students at the Graduate School of Natural Sciences only, and the course ‘Science Teaching’ is intended for PhD students at the Graduate School of Natural Sciences and the Graduate School of Technical Sciences only.

Course absence

Individual course requirements

In order to pass a course, see the individual course description for requirements regarding both course attendance and exam.

No-show fee - make sure to cancel in time

There is a no-show fee at our transferable skills courses. Thus, course participants who do not show up at the course or cancel their course participation after the course cancellation deadline (without providing a Doctor’s note) may have to pay a no-show fee unless someone from the waiting list is able to take the seat instead.

The no-show fee is DKK 1,200 (the price of one ECTS). The no-show fee has been introduced because of many late cancellations, thus preventing people from the waiting lists to have a seat at the courses.

Course evaluation and diploma

Course evaluation and diploma

As a course participant, you are asked to evaluate the course you have participated in. We urge that you will do so as it provides both the course lecturers and the Graduate School with valuable insight and information about the course delivery. You will receive a link to an electronic evaluation (anonymous) on the last day of the course.

After completing a course, you will receive your course diploma via e-mail, but you can also download your course diploma from the PhD Course Management system if you wish.

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