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Physics and Astronomy

The PhD Programme at the Department of Physics and Astronomy


2020.02.03 | People

New PhD student, Henrik Høj Kristensen

Henrik Høj Kristensen has joined Henrik Stapelfeldt's group from February 2020.

2020.02.03 | People

New PhD student, Kasper Sangild Christensen

Kasper Sangild Christensen has joined Nikolaj Zinner's group from February 2020. 

2020.02.03 | People

New PhD student, Simon Høgh Albrechtsen

Simon Høgh Albrechtsen has joined Henrik Stapelfeldt's group from February 2020.

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The programme:

The PhD programme offers education in a number of major areas of Physics and Astronomy. The minimum background education for enrollment is a Bachelor degree in Physics, Astronomy or a closely related subject.

The PhD-education is always based on research where suitable supervisors work with topics within the following research areas:

  • Atomic, molecular and optical physics
  • Stellar astrophysics and Cosmology
  • Biophysics
  • Surface science
  • Nano science
  • Statistical physics
  • Nuclear physics
  • CERN related physics
  • Condensed matter and materials science
  • Accelerator mass spectrometry

Research facilities:

A number of accelerators
Synchrotron radiation facility
Optical and laser laboratories
Storage ring Facility for materials characterization
Facilities for thin film synthesis
Clean room Wind tunnel to simulate conditions on Mars
SONG network of telescopes at Tenerife
Access to facilities at CERN through our membership
Access to Nordic Optical Telescope through membership
Access to European Southern Observatory through membership
Access to Kepler Satellite through agreement with NASA
Access to satellites through European Space Agency Computers of various capacities

Affiliated center/departments:

  • AMS 14C Dating Centre
  • APTG - Aarhus Particle Therapy Group
  • The Danish Mars Project
  • DARS - The Danish Astrophysics Research School DASC - Danish AsteroSeismology Centre iNANO - Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center ISA - Institute for Storage Ring Facilities LTC - The Lundbeck Foundation Theoretical Center NICE - National Instrument center for CERN Experiments QUANTOP - Danish Quantum Optics Center Center for Science Studies and Science Education

Examples of employment after graduation:

High schools, Industry, Research Institutions, Universities

Geographic location:

Aarhus University, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Ny Munkegade

International cooperation:

Numerous short term exchanges but essentially all with students located at the Aarhus campus.


Currently there are 57 PhD students enrolled at the Department of Physics and Astronomy

  • 10 are international students
  • 47 are Danish students
  • 11 are female students
  • 46 are male students

Head of Programme

Local Programme Secretary

GSNS PhD Partner

Representative PhD student for the Department Council at the Institute

The Department Council at the Institute consists of employees and students. The Council discusses the status of the Institute and academic questions. If any questions, read more here or contact

PhD representatives in the PhD committee

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