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Getting help and quick guide

Who can help you in your daily work?

Your supervisor

• You coordinate your work schedule, holidays and potential time in the lab with your supervisor.
• You should also confer with your supervisor for computer and software, books and other expenses related to your work, travels, participation in conferences, seminars, workshops etc.
• If you have any questions you can’t seem to answer, start out by asking your supervisor.

Your group's secretary

• Your secretary can help you with PURE, AURUS, IndFak and other AU systems.
• She can also help you if you have any questions regarding the rules for travels, policies, payments, group events and so on.

GSNS- The PhD school

• GSNS (Graduate School of Natural Sciences) deals with issues related to employment, contract, salary, leave, study delay etc.
• Most HR services for PhD students are covered by the graduate school.
Find rules and regulations, quick guides, forms and templates in GSNS’ guides at the overall site here.
Find more information here. Here you can read about going abroad, how to apply for courses, how to use the PhD Planner system and much more.
• Contact information: PhD Partner for Physics and Astronomy, Karen Konradi, konradi@au.dk. For any questions regarding your salary contact Karen Konradi. 

Your PhD represetatives

Your PhD representatives in the (local) Programme Committee

Your study secretary

• Can help you if you have questions related to courses, exams, print, insurance, illness, or if you need help finding the right contact person. Your secretary is Ann-Berit Porse Stærkær, aps@phys.au.dk

Quick guide for PhD students

PhD - Tips & Tricks, skrevet af andre studerende, navnlig den lokale PhD komité


Activities and committees:

Admittance card:

  • Issued by Building Service - caretakers. Get a form and sign it by Ann-Berit Porse Stærkær, 1522-314.


  • AU’s system for handling travel expenses. Ask your group’s secretary for help regarding forms and guidance.





  • Building 1532, 3. floor, email: STBYG2service.okoplan@au.dk, phone: 871 50526. The office is open Tuesdays 10:00 – 11:00.




  • Ask your supervisor.


  • Make an agreement with your supervisor about participation and expenses.

Course catalogue:

Courses - sign up:

  • mit.au.dk → stads selfservice.


  • You can book your trip via the Carlson Wagonlit Travel portal, but your travel profile must be activated before you can get access to this. Ask your group’s secretary for help.



  • Most of AU’s forms are unfortunately in Danish. Ask your group’s secretary for help.



  • Days of holiday earned must be taken. You agree with your supervisor as to when to take holidays. The contact person at the department for registration is secretary Heidi Pedersen, Information Office, building 1520, heidi.pedersen@phys.au.dk. A holiday registration form must be handed in to Heidi. Read about the rules here.


  • Most HR services for PhD students are covered by our graduate school. Contact PhD partner Karen Konradi, konradi@au.dk, phone 93 52 22 92, room 1520-129.



  • Report illness to your supervisor. A declaration of absence in case of illness must be handed in to secretary Heidi Pedersen, Information Office, building 1520, 

Information desk:

  • Here they can help you book rooms, and if you are employee acquire paper and pencils etc. building 1520.

International Centre:

International club:


IT- HelpDesk: 



  • If you need a key to your office you can contact secretary Ann-Berit Porse Stærkær, 1520-629. Students pay a deposit for a key.



  • AU Library, building 1532, 2. floor, nymunkegade.library@au.dk, or click here.


Mail tray:

  • You have your own mail tray in the room behind the Information.


  • Self-service site with log in – ask your group’s secretary.



  • Check out news, events and useful links here and here.


Office supplies: 

  • If you are employee you can ask at the Information desk for office supplies.


Parental leave:


  • General information about the purpose of the PhD planner can be found here.
  • The log on site to the planner which also includes both a quick guide and a comprehensive guide is here.


  • All employees are encouraged to get their picture taken. Ask Rune Pilgaard Bloom, for help. He will also upload the photo to your contact information on AU’s website.


  • Join PS!, the association for staff and students at Physics and Astronomy, by contacting Heidi Pedersen at the Information Office in Building 1520. You can also get a leaflet at the Information Office or click here.




  • Contact AU IT. Look under IT HelpDesk.

Study place:



  • Coordinate your travel with your supervisor and your group’s secretary.
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