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Work obligations

  • Local registration of salaried work 

    The system used to assign teaching assistant work and register salaried work is called Gonzales.  

    Log on here https://services.brics.dk/java/gonzales/#/portfolio using your username and password for mit.au.dk

    Prioritize and check information
    Twice a year you will by email be asked to log on to Gonzales and prioritize which courses to teach. If you don’t expect to teach during the semester also state this in the system and please explain why.

    Please also check that the information registered in your portfolio are correct, and if not send an email with corrections to Ann Eg Mølhave aem@geo.au.dk. If you are entitled to exemption due to stay abroad, attach the letter of approval by GSST to the email. <

    PhD students on part B are entitled to 1 semester exemption from salaried work = 140 hours. For PhD students on 4+4 programs these hours will as a standard be withdrawn in the system after you pass your qualification exam and get a new contract. For students on other programs the hours will be withdrawn in the beginning of your studies.

    Other activities than the teaching activities assigned to you through Gonzales will only be withdrawn from your teaching obligations by prior written agreement with either GSST or Bo Holm Jacobsen. 

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