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About PhD studies at CS

The Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University is one of Europe's strongest computer science research environments, covering a wide range of research areas within theoretical as well as experimental computer science. Visit our webpage and read about the research areas. The department has educated more than half of all PhDs within Computer Science in Denmark.

A PhD degree in Computer Science from Aarhus University leads to great job opportunities. After graduation, most of our students are employed in the IT-industry in the greater Aarhus area, which includes Google, Systematic, Uber but also numerous small innovative companies. However, many also choose to seek opportunities internationally, and some obtain academic positions either in Denmark or abroad.

Study and work

There are many things to do as a PhD student in addition to following courses, going to exams and sharpening your skills within the area of research chosen for your PhD study. You will also have to do other kinds of work, e.g. as a teaching assistant or being part of the visitor’s service, where we present the department to high school students – and tell them about the activities, research ans student life.

Study abroad, travels and conferences

As a PhD student, you need to view the world from a number of angles – and not just at the department. This means that you typically spend three-six months doing research at another institution (university, company, etc.) to gain experience away from the department. Also, you must expect to go to conferences, summer schools and workshops in other parts of the world.

Local support groups

As a PhD student at CS, you have a "support group", provided by the department, as a supplement to the communication/collaboration with your main supervisor. The  purpose of the support group is to give feedback on the PhD work to help you reach your full potential as PhD student, and to ensure that any obstacles that may arise are overcome as smoothly as possible. You can discuss both practical and research related questions with your support group. At the same time, we wish to build on the PhD school's half-yearly evaluation system to make that a useful tool for the PhD students in the collaboration with the advisers and the PhD school. 

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