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Grants when going abroad


All PhD students are fully funded when enrolled. However, there are a great number of opportunities to obtain additional financial support when you want to go abroad. In the below list you can find an overview of grants PhD students previously have applied for and received. Many of the relevant grants only have information available in Danish. Your research group coordinator can help with translation.

The website fundraising.how has written a few articles that might be helpful when applying for funding:

Should you know other grants that might be relevant for computer science students, please reach out to Henriette G. Farup, so they can be added to the list.

If you get a grant, please remember to contact Julie Rasmussen who will make sure it is registered correctly.

GSNS mobility grant

All PhD students are recommend to apply for this grant. PhD students at GSNS can apply for the financial support  (up to DKK 20.000) in connection visiting a foreign university for at least 90 days.

Target group: PhD students enrolled at GSNS.

Deadline: Applications are accepted and processed as received.

STIBOFONDENs IT-rejsestipendier til ph.d.-studerende

The Stibo foundation hands out a number of travelling scholarships every year of up to DKK 100.000. The Scholarship is for stays abroad of at least four months. There are no deadlines as applications are handled continuously, but the application must be submitted before traveling.

Target group: PhD students within computer science and IT who are significantly related to Denmark.

Deadline: Applications are accepted and processed as received. Processing time is approx. one month

Otto Mønsted Foundation

More information will follow

Knud Højgaards Fond

Knud Højgaards Fond is a nonprofit operating foundation that among other things supports enterprising students to realize the dream of qualifying themselves by studying abroad. In addition, the foundation supports commercial, cultural, scientific, social and artistic initiatives.

Target group: Master's and PhD students going abroad.

Deadline: One month before the start of stay abroad

Danmark-Amerika fondet

The Denmark-America Foundation & the Fulbright Commission offer grants and guidance for Danes and Americans.

Target group: Danes going to USA, Americans going to Denmark. Master, PhD, Scholars.

Deadline: First Wednesday in March.

Oticon Fonden

The Oticon Foundation offers travel grants to students going abroad for studying, an internship or making a presentation at a conference. Processing time is approximately two months.

Target group: Students who have completed a bachelor degree and has a grade point average of at least 7.

Deadline: Applications are accepted and processed as received. Processing time is approx. two months.

Augustinus Fonden

The fund's objective is to promote charitable and humane, artistic and scientific purposes.

Target group: PhD students (and less so master's students) that are going abroad.

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