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Traveling for conferences, workshops etc.

Travel application

Before traveling you must submit a travel application (use mit-au login) and get approval before you make any reservations or payments.

Remember that you can only get expenses reimbursed that are included in the travel application. As a general rule, extra costs for luggage exceeding what's included in the flight are not covered by the department. Exemption for this might happen if the luggage is work related, however, only with prior approval via the travel application. More information about what can be covered by the PhD pool.

Daily allowance

PhD students at CS can get the daily allowance when traveling. You register for the daily allowance when settling your travel expenses in RejsUd. Remember that all free meals (i.e. breakfast at the hotel, lunch at a workshop or a conference dinner) must be deducted from the daily allowance.

Find daily allowance rates here.


When your travel application has been approved, you can start making your travel arrangements:

When traveling to countries where a visa is required, you can normally get these expenses covered by the project paying. However, remember to include these expenses in the travel application you submit before the trip.

Flights must be book either via. Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) or directly with the airline - and always economy class. You can use site like momondo to find the most convenient flight, but cannot use it to book the flight.

When traveling in Denmark book via. www.rejseplanen.dk/
When traveling abroad book via. Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT)

or via email:

Max. rate per night in a hotel in Denmark: DKK 1.020  (2018 rate). Hotel deals in DK. The max rate per night abroad is specified in the rules and regulations (only in Danish) available on the travel departments website.

Contact your research group coordinator if you need any assistance. 

Settle your expenses

When returning home, your expenses must be settled in RejsUd - if you are traveling on the PhD pool please remember to upload your approved travel application to RejsUd. Find guidelines for using RejsUd here.

If you need help settling your expenses please ask your research group coordinator or Henriette Grøn.

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