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Salaried work

As a PhD student you are supposed to do salaried work for the department. Read about the rules here, specifically Sections 4.5. Per default you will be informed when teaching assistant tasks will be assigned, and you can indicate your preferences. If you want to do any alternative work during future quarters you must apply to and get acceptance from the PhD committee beforehand.

At https://services.brics.dk/java/gonzales/#/portfolio you can get an overview of assigned and remaining working hours. Please be aware of keeping your working hours balanced cf. your contract before/after your qualification exam.


All PhD fellows will be granted one semester’s exemption from the salaried work without reduction in payment. 140 hours of exemption will be extracted from your teaching portfolio when you start working at the Department. So you do not need to take any action to get the exemption registered. If you have any questions, send an email to PhD administrator.

For exemption in relation to stay abroad, please see Going Abroad.

If you do not wish to fulfil your teaching obligations cf. your contract, you can request to opt out of teaching by accepting a reduction of 1/6 of your salary. If you wish not to teach a semester, please contact our PhD partner at GSNS, before teaching assignments are assigned by the department for that semester.

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