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Progress report and qualifying exam

Registration for qualifying exam

The student and supervisor will be contacted by GSNS three months before the qualification exam with relevant information.

The student must complete the blue part of registration form, including;

  •  Making sure all ECTS points have been registered in PhD planner
  • If enrolled on Bachelor's degree: attach up-to-date version of "Approval of Master's programme" and documentation for Master's courses
  • Information about study abroad - planned or completed

Supervisor must complete the green part of the registration form, including;

Progress report

Three weeks before the qualification exam, the student must submit a progress report. The report must not exceed 30 pages, including appendices. Note that the report should contain not only an overview of the preliminary results but also ideas and plans for the remaining part of the PhD project. The progress report must follow the guidelines in the GSNS regulations (Section 9.4). 

Qualifying exam

At Department of Computer Science, the PhD qualifying exam consists of a 30 (not 45!) minutes presentation by the student, followed by 30-35 minutes of discussion.

After the exam, the supervisor/internal examiner will give the signed assessment to Henriette G. Farup. Please note that the evaluation must be entered into the template supplied by GSNS before it is signed.

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