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Template for PhD plans

Within 3 months after you start as a PhD student, you must write a PhD plan that needs to be approved by the PhD school. The PhD plan will be revised every 6 months during your studies.

Please see the general guidelines for PhD plans at GSNS.

At Department of Computer Science (and Bioinformatics), the PhD plan should be based on the template below. The two parts of the template must be uploaded as one single PDF under "PhD Project" in the PhD-Planner online system. Brief information about publications, courses, dissemination, and research environment must be updated separately as other ”plan elements”.

The online web form for the PhD plan and biannual evaluations also contains fields for "assessment text" and "essential changes". These fields are used by other PhD programmes, and you do not need to complete these, since that information should be included in the uploaded PDF.

In case of questions, please contact the chairman of the CS PhD committee.

  • Part 1: Project Plan (expected: 4-10 pages)
    • Abstract (1/2 page, aiming at a general audience)
    • Background
    • State-of-the-art (key references)
    • Objectives (hypothesis, problem statement, research questions, ...)
    • Methods (research methodology)
    • Expected outcome (research papers, scientific contributions, significance,
      potential applications, ...)
    • Work plan (schedule, milestones)
  • Part 2: Log
    • One time-stamped section added before each biannual evaluation (expected: 5-10 lines for each of the following two parts)

      • Status and results in relation to the plans described last time
        (why hasn’t the plan been followed? + summary of changes to Part 1)
      • Plans for the next 6-12 months
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