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Why get a mentor?

Why get a mentor?

A mentor is a person who is able to guide you due to his/her personal experience or advice. Often the mentor who a mentee acquires through The Science Mentor Program has a somewhat similar educational background and a job in industry matching the career dreams of the mentee. This combination potentially allows for a smoother transition for the mentee into industry to get the desired career.


By getting a mentor, the mentee gets an insight into the life after academia and an idea of how other people have made the transition into an industrial career. By personalizing the mentee-mentor match, mentors in highly relevant jobs are able to guide and help the mentee. Furthermore, getting a mentor will help expand the professional network.


In detail the mentee-mentor matching process takes 3 things into consideration:


  1. The educational background of the mentee
  2. Personal interest and area of knowledge
  3. Company wishes from the mentee

From these 3 points we may find a match in our database or find a new mentor meeting the mentee’s wishes.



Participating companies include: Unisense, Novo Nordisk, Grundfoss, Vestas, Weekendavisen, Lundbeck, Haldor Topsøe, Dupont, Vald. Birn, Siemens Windpower, Arla foods ingredients, DTI, Novo Ventures and Philips Healthcare.

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