BRICS Retreat Programme 30 – 31 March 2009


Monday 30 March 

9.00      Departure by bus from Aabogade 34

9.45      Arrival Søhøjlandet – put up posters    

  • Breakfast - coffee/tea w.  rundstykke and wienerbrød

10.30   1 Minute Madness (All students)

11.30   How to get a Permanent Position in Academia (Anders Møller) 

12.15   Lunch – check in after 13.00

13.30   The Strategic Plan for Department of Computer Science (Kurt Jensen)

14.15    Teaching and TA’ing (Ivan Damgård)

15.45   Presentation of BRICS Games (Ivan Damgård)

             BRICS Games

19.00   Dinner (Announcement of game results) 


Tuesday 31 March

8.00      Breakfast - check-out before 11!

9.30      Giving a good CS Talk (Anders Møller)

10.15    Poster Session (2 times 30 minutes)

11.15    Prepare Talks in Groups (Everyone) 

12.15    Lunch

13.30    Presentation of Group Talks (Everyone)

14.30    Rules and Regulations (Ivan Damgård)

15.00    Going to Industry after PhD (Michael Ø. Pedersen & Kristian B. Lassen)

16:15    Departure by bus from Søhøjlandet


Practical information on the retreat:

For the Brics retreat all students need to bring a poster of your PhD work to be presented to everybody.

The time for putting up the poster is upon arrival at the retreat, i.e. before the 10.30 start. On Tuesday, there will be a 1 hour poster session where all students get a chance to present their poster. This poster will also be the starting point of the 1 Minute Madness (more info below) session on Monday, and for the group work on Tuesday.

The format of the poster is as follows:

To be printed in color in A3 (can be done at the Ada printer/copier).  It is you own responsibility to bring a printed poster to the retreat.

The poster needs to include:

a) Title of your project

b) Name and picture of the Author

c) The poster should include a short text describing your  project. You can insert tables and figures as you like. Remember that your audience will be the other participants, i.e., a general CS audience and not specialists in your subject.

1 Minute Madness:

In addition to your poster we would like you to prepare a 1 minute - 1 slide preview of your poster. It is your chance to present your project to the entire group, and to get people excited about you and your poster.

Coordinating some 50 presentations is not easy and we need your help. Here are your action items:

By March the 27th, 9 am, please send 1 slide as pdf to bodker@cs.au.dk

Getting your idea across is easy with the right visual material. Due to the logistics of Madness, the ordering of the slides will not be given beforehand. So be prepared to give your 1 minute (and not more) talk, when your slide comes up.

What you should bring:

·        Your poster

·        Your laptop

·        A pair of indoor trainers for the games

·        Your sportsbag if you are up to some physical activity (there is a water park and fitness room at Søhøjlandet).