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BRICS Retreat 2011 Programme

March 29:

8:30 Departure by bus from Aabogade 34

9:30 Arrival, Coffee and rundstykker, put up posters

10:00 Know your neighbor

11:00 How to present a paper (Anders Møller)

12:00 Lunch

14:00 On reviewing scientific papers (Susanne Bødker)

15:30 Poster session (coordinated by Olav Bertelsen)

16:30 The BRICS challenge (Ivan Damgård)

19:00 Dinner



March 30:

From 8:00 Breakfast – check-out before 9:00

10:00 Is there a life after PhD? – some former students have the answer (host: Olivier Danvy)

11:00 The PREP course (Erik Ernst)

12:00 Lunch

14:00 You and your PhD supervisor, talk and discussion (Olivier Danvy)

15:00 Discussion of the BRICS junior club. Election of student representatives for the PhD committee.

16:00: Departure by bus from Søhøjlandet

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